"I will continue to fight for Maryland's fair share with smart investments that create jobs and keep travelers on the move and reduce pollution and congestion. Funds in the federal checkbook for Maryland's highways, roads and mass transit systems means more than just transportation – it means residents and visitors in Maryland can live, work, and play throughout the state in safety."  -- U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.)

Fighting for Maryland's Transportation Funding
·  Fought to increase Maryland's allocation of funding from the Federal Highway Trust 
   Fund by $180 million per year 
       - Pays for highway maintenance, road repairs and bus and rail improvements  

Making Metro Safer  
·  Introduced the National Safety Metro Act, which creates federal safety standards 
   for metro systems
·  Passed legislation authorizing $1.5 billion over 10 years for safety improvements 
   and upgrades  

Reforming Mass Transit
·  Fighting to put money in the federal checkbook for 
       - MARC Commuter Rail 
       - Washington Metro Area Transit Authority 
       - Maryland Transit Administration's bus system  
·  Secured funding for 
       - double-tracking of Baltimore Light Rail System 
       - construction of Silver Spring Transit Center 
       - Expansion of the Southern Maryland Commuter Bus project

Passenger and Freight Rail
·  Fighting to continue federal funding of Amtrak, which is critical to 
   Maryland's economy

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