Mikulski, Cardin Challenge California Senators to Friendly Wager Prior to Ravens, 49ers Super Bowl XLVII

Faidley’s crab cakes, Heavy Seas beer, Berger cookies on the line in challenge to Senators Feinstein and Boxer

January 28, 2013

WASHINGTONU.S. Senators Barbara A. Mikulski and Ben Cardin (both D-Md.) today placed a friendly wager with California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer (both D-Calif.) on the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. The teams compete for the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, February 3 at the Superdome in New Orleans.  

In their letter to the California Senators, Senators Mikulski and Cardin announced that they will be wagering Faidley's crab cakes from Baltimore's Lexington Market, Berger cookies made in the Cherry Hill neighborhood of Baltimore and Heavy Seas beer brewed in Lansdowne. Senator Mikulski will also throw in a can of one of Baltimore's favorite hair sprays.  

Senators Mikulski and Cardin will wait to hear from the California Senators to see if they accept their friendly wager and will plan an exchange at the U.S. Capitol in the days following the Raven's victory Sunday.  

Their letter to Senators Feinstein and Boxer, follows:  

January 28, 2013  

Senator Dianne Feinstein
331 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510  

Senator Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510  

Dear Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer:  

The Baltimore Ravens have shown they are a first-rate team who are taking us back to the Super Bowl to reclaim the Lombardi Trophy. We won the AFC Championship, and now we're off to Louisiana to stomp the San Francisco 49ers and win the Super Bowl! The 49ers may ask 'Who's got it better than us?' All across Baltimore they'll say, 'Charm City, that's who!'  

Baltimore is a world-class city with world-class fans. Super Bowl XLVII will be a real touchdown for the city of Baltimore! The Ravens have turned the national spotlight on Baltimore. We'll showcase for the nation our winning team, our loyal fans and our world-class city!  

You can be sure we'll be cheering on Ray Lewis and the whole team in his last game as the Ravens fly high to victory! In fact, we're so confident in our Ravens that we're willing to wager a world-class feast: some delicious Faidley's crab cakes, Berger cookies and a cold bottle of Heavy Seas beer to wash down the delicious taste of defeat. And so they won't look ruffled after the Ravens prevail, Senator Barb will even throw in a can of one of Baltimore's favorite hair sprays.  

We're looking forward to a great game. While the 49ers may come in red and gold, they'll be seeing nothing but purple when they leave!